bksl - 2021

A Sookshmas Self-Learning Contest

What is BKSL-2021?

Beyond Knowing Self-Learning 2021 is a contest to uncover the importance and incorporating the habit of Self-Learning, Daily Learning and Group Learning in every student who is on the edge of their career's beginning. This contest is an open opportunity to every student to show their self-learning skills along with their winning spirits with millions of students across India.

BKSL-2021 is a nationwide contest where over 3 million students are being connected for participating in different contest fields and over 60,000 student employment will be generated under Beyond Knowing Mentorship. Where these mentors will get an opportunity to earn monthly stipend upto Rs.5000 along with doubling their study time and helping others in their studies.

Contest Steps
  • Mentors recruitment & training Beyond Knowing Mentorship is an additional opportunity for every student who participates in BKSL-2021. BK mentors are an essential part of the game where they will be responsible for maintaining the discipline by reviewing the content of the participants in the game. To know more about this CLICK HERE
  • Round 1 This round will be conducted online between the given dates through the regular Beyond Knowing participation for one month.
  • Round 2This round will be of 50 quiz questions conducted at the selected centers by Sookshmas.
  • Results Announcement
  • Prize Distribution Ceremony
Who can participate?
Engineering, BCA, MCA

(Field 1)

Students from CS, IS, ME, CE, ECE, EEE, AE etc can participate

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Entrance Exams

(Field 2)

Students preparing for JEE and NEET can participate

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Government Exams

(Field 3)

Students preparing for UPSC, SSC, Bank and Railway can participate

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Contest Timeline
10th March
Participant's + Mentor's Registration
Releasing Soon
Round 1
- Engineering, BCA, MCA
- Entrance Exams
- Government Exams
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Round 2
Releasing Soon
Reward Distribution
How to participate?

Round 1

Register to Sookshmas.
Fill the participant registration form.
Participate in BK between the contest dates of your selected fields.
Understand the BK Points Table in detail. (If you wish to practice BK and understand every parameter of BK points table then you can Subscribe and play the BK even before the contest dates)

Round 2

Eligible students list will be announced based on Round-1 performance.
Check your exam centers.
Attend a live quiz of 50 questions in exam centers and score above 50%.
BK Mentorship


BK Mentorship is an open opportunity for every student who has subscribed to Beyond Knowing. BK is having its standard recruitment process but during BKSL-2021, any interested candidate can apply by filling the application form.

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Applied student's performance will be checked based on quality points with the participation record of minimum 15 days. Selected candidates will be trained further to perform the mentorship tasks.

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Mentors have to review the posts, comments and replies everyday done by the participants for which they will get stipend for the number of reviews. Stipend may vary upto Rs. 5000 based on number of reviews and allocation limits.

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Mentor's Timeline
10th March
Mentor's Registration
Releasing soon
Mentor's Training and Activities
Releasing soon
Mentor's Announcement
Become a Institute Partner
On becoming Institute Partner, Institutes will be recognized on all the three levels in the results. Country, State and District Selection of the institutes will be done by finding the maximum top performing students in top 100 students list on each respective level. Click below to list your institute for the contest.
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Will this contest be conducted offline/online?

Mentor Recruitment and Round 1 will be conducted online from student's places whereas Round 2 will be conducted online at the nearby centres.

Will contest be conducted on the same time for different fields?

No, each field contest will be conducted in different months, whereas results for every field will be announced after completing all fields contests.

How can Institute be a partner for this contest?

Login to Sookshmas and register by filling the Institute Partner Application form.

What are the benefits for an institute of being partner to BKSL-2021?

Only registered Institute Partners will be considered for Institutes ranking, whereas institutes ranking will be announced at District, State and Nation level.

Partner institutes branding will be displayed in most of the contest promotions.

Partner institutes can recommend additional students as a mentor even above the eligible number.

How will the Institute ranking be decided?

Institute ranking will be decided based on the maximum top performing students from the institutes at each level.

Can a list of registered colleges be checked?

Yes, it can be checked by any user of Sookshmas.

Is the contest free or paid?

As this contest is only for BK participants, we are not charging any extra fee for the contest other than regular BK subscription. Students who are participating, need to subscribe to BK for a minimum one month, where they will get all the regular reward benefits other than contest prizes.

What is BK reward?

BK rewards are the important part of the game to develop the winning spirit and continuity in self-learning in students. These rewards are considered on daily, weekly and monthly performances with respect to the BK Points table.

What will be the eligibility criteria for all rounds?

Round 1: All students who come under eligible fields of the contest are eligible to participate in round 1.

Round 2: Shortlisted candidates from round 1 will be having eligibility to take part in this round.

I'm in class XI/XII. Can I participate?

Yes, students who are in class XI/XII can participate under the Entrance Exams field, if they are preparing for any entrance exam like IIT and NEET.

Can I participate in 2 different fields?

No, you can not participate in two different fields.

How will Sookshmas shortlist the candidates?

Round 1: The top 10 scorers from each category like Nation, State, District and Institute will be shortlisted for Round 2.

Round 2: An aggregate score of 50% is mandatory for winning eligibility.

How the final results will be announced?

The final result will be announced by comparing the scores of the second round followed by the cut-off of 50%.

Can a user be a winner in two categories?

No, when a user who is eligible for any higher level prize will not be eligible for any of the below level prize.

Who can be a mentor?

Any BK participant with a good activity record (mainly quality points) of minimum 15 days is eligible to be a mentor.

How will training happen for the BK mentorship?

Students applied for mentorship will be asked to attend the live review sessions for 15 days, where all the training and instructions will be provided.

What are the benefits of becoming a mentor?

Apart from the rewards, the mentor gets a stipend of Rs. upto 5000 based on review/post counts.

What is the mentor’s role in Sookshmas/BKSL 2021?

BK Mentors should review the content posted by participants and have to give quality bonus points.

Will my BK mentorship be continued even after the contest?

Yes, your mentorship will be continued even after the contest is over.

I have applied for mentorship, when will I be selected?

Mentorship selection is purely based on your activity and involvement in the training for minimum 15 days.

If I become a BK mentor, will it disturb my studies?

As a BK mentor you will get task from your participating study pool in BK i.e. if your are a mentor for Engineering CS or Engineering Entrance Exams-IIT or Civil Services Entrance Exams-Medium English/Hindi, then you have to review the posts or attend live reviews only from your mentoring topic. Being a BK mentor, any student is indeed going to double their study time.

How to get more points in BKSL?

By clapping, inviting friends, posting quality content and performing best in BK activity.

What do I get by inviting a friend?

You will get 5 invitation bonus points by Inviting your friends.

How to get quality bonus points for posts?

Post self-made content and explain in detail with valid content to get more quality bonus points.

What if mentors do partiality in giving quality bonus?

To ensure this should not happen, firstly, Sookshmas is distributing posts randomly to the mentors, this means mentors cannot decide which post they can review. Secondly, content reviewed by mentors will be re-reviewed to ensure correctness.

What are the activities present in BK?

Play quiz, post quiz/question, comment and claps, Know more.

Does an Institute need to take a subscription to be an Institute Partner?

No, but should have an account in Sookshmas and also should be registered for the BKSL 2021 contest.

Can I be a part of this contest even if my college has not registered?

Yes, but in that case you will not be eligible for the institute level winners category.

What should be the institute tag?

Use the short form of the college name. For example, R V College of Engineering Bengaluru: RVCE Bengaluru.

Can a user check for which college has been registered and total students participating from their?


How to search my college name?

By using the short form of your college name.

Rules and Regulations
  • All participants participating in the contest must be a student of any eligible field in the contest, and must be participating in the same field.
  • Sookshmas may ask any student to present valid proof of student document. This can be school/college/coaching id card or any admit card or result.
  • Make sure that any document presented as a student proof, must be currently valid or maximum only one year old.
  • Institute Partner must have a minimum 150 participants who are participating in BKSL 2021 from their Institute to come under Institute ranking.
  • In case if any institute is not providing official email id during institute partner application for BKSL 2021, may be asked for any other proof of institute document to verify the institute and to make eligible under Institute ranking.
  • Sookshmas reserves all rights to disqualify any student/institute partner found involved in any inappropriate activities/ documents.