Beyond Knowing

In the conquest to make learning fun, exciting and challenging, we at Sookshmas are happy to introduce you all to our new series of self-learning game "Beyond Knowing". This game is an everyday opportunity for the students to explore themselves and to build self-learning strategy. It's a game to prepare for competitive exams, board exams or higher education to excel their knowledge bit by bit to develop greater skills along with winning spirit.


Beyond Knowing game is currently open only for the all competitive exams and higher education students.

Daily activities for game

Play Quiz
Post Quiz/Questions
Read and Appreciate

Timeline for activities

  • Play Quiz, Post Quiz and Commenting : Upto 10 PM
  • Reply and Clapping : Upto 10 PM
  • Result Announcement : After 10 PM

Winners Criteria

Winners will be categorized into three categories as Daily Winners, Weekly Winners and Monthly Winners.

1) Daily Winners

Daily winners are selected alternatively as follows:

  • Based on Points
  • Random Selection

    Criteria for Random Selection

    • Random selection will be announced for the participants having the points above cut-off .
    • Cut-off points will be approximately 50% of the top scorer's points of the day.

2) Weekly Winners

Weekly winners are selected alternatively as follows:

  • Based on aggregate points of the week
  • Random Selection

    Criteria for Random Selection

    • Students must satisfy the criteria of cut-off points.
    • Cut-off points will be approximately 50% of top scorer's points of that week.
    • Students must be regular for last 7 consecutive days.

3) Monthly Winners

Monthly winners will be selected based on the aggregate points of the month.

Points details

Points chart

Play Quiz Score 90%, Max 27 Points(20 quiz questions)
Sookshmas Score 10% Scaled to Play Quiz Score
Quiz Post 1 post = 10 points (max. 10 points)
Comments 1 comment = 10 points (max. 10 points)
Clap Points 1 clap = 0.5 points (max. 10 points)

Bonus Points

Students will be given bonus points based on the following factors:

Regularity 5 Points, who are regular in the game for continuous 4 days.

Mentor 5 Points, who are becoming weekly mentor.

Level Upgrade 10 Points, who have promoted to next level while playing the game.

Play Quiz Invitation 1 Point for every 10 invites.

Quality 0 to 5 for good content quality (post,comment or reply).

Beyond Knowing Points distribution diagram


To redeem rewards, candidates must upload their student id proof and their profile must be accurately updated with email, mobile number, profile picture, account tags and About info.

Daily Winners Rs.10 - Rs.100 (25% of total participants, Max 10,000 students)
Weekly Winners Rs.50 - Rs.1000 (20% of total participants, Max 5,000 students)
Monthly Winners Rs.100 - Rs.4000 (10% of total participants, Max 2,500 students)

Minimum Participation criteria for announcing results in main pools

Daily 50 participants
Weekly 200 participants
Monthly 400 participants


1. In case when above criteria is not met, then the results will be announced in General Pool which includes all other pools where the criteria is not met.

2. Mininmum participation criteria for general pool will be 50% of main pools.

3. These limits and terms can be changed by Sookshmas at any point of time based on participation's.

BK Predictions Game

It is a game which rewards you with a cash prize for every correct prediction of a Top Self-Learner and also motivates BK participants in their self-learning journey. Interested Sookshmas users can participate everyday by analyzing the Beyond knowing game and players to predict the Top Self-Learner.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Any registered Sookshmas user can participate.
  • Minimum 100 participants predictions will be required to announce results.
  • Correct predictor/predictors will be awarded with Rs. 500 for correct prediction. (If multiple users predict the same participant then reward will be equally divided among all the correct predictors).
  • Reward will be increased by Rs. 250 with every 100 additional predictors. (For example, if predictors = 200 then reward will be Rs. 750).
  • There will be no cost charged for 1st 1000 predictors, whereafter each predictor has to pay Rs.10 to predict the Top Self-Learner.
  • Only one prediction/user/day is allowed.
  • Predictions will be applicable for all the pools including the general pool.
  • Predictors are allowed to predict players in any pool.
  • Time slot for predictions in this game will be from 1 P.M to 9 P.M.
  • Predicted players information will be available after 9 P.M.
  • Results of this game will be announced next day soon after the main BK result is announced.
  • Once you choose the player then you can not change your prediction's.

Weekly Mentors

Weekly mentors are responsible to ensure the content (quiz/question, comment and reply) quality and tags format.

Recruitment process for Weekly Mentors

Weekly mentors are selected on the basis of top aggregate points in whole week over every 25 participants in each level and pool.

Privileges of Weekly Mentors

  • Weekly mentors will have privilege to get 5 points on the day of weekly mentor selection.

BK Mentors

Recruitment process for BK Mentors

Sookshmas will automatically shortlist good performing students to appoint as a new mentor. Ideally this process will be depending on the below some factors.

  • Minimum Participation duration should be 40 days.
  • 100 % regularity (Including Points Leave).
  • Participant's have to be served as BK Volunteers at least for 10 days and also as weekly mentors for 2 weeks.
  • Minimum 20 days attendance in live review.

Mentor's Policy

  • Each review done will get you stipend ranging from INR 1.6 - 5. (Depending on pool participation, quality aggregate points and re-review score)
  • New mentors will be shortlisted automatically based on the above recruitment criteria.
  • Weekly revision of post allocation limits.
  • This is a most important factor for every mentor, as this will decide who is going to get higher or lower post allocation limit for the week and this will be done on every Monday. Find the below factors which will decide higher or lower allocation limits.
    1. Quality Bonus aggregate.
    2. Re-Review Score.
    3. Last week's reviews number.
  • Minimum mandatory activities (15 Posts, 15 Comments and 5 Replies) should be done within the particular month to ensure stipend credit. If in case minimum activities are not met in that month, then stipend will be credited for upcoming month where minimum mandatory activities of both months should be reached.

Roles and Responsibilities of BK Mentors

  • Training users and weekly mentors to form their own questions, comments and replies.
  • Reviewing the content of the users.
  • Providing quality bonus.
  • Activating reply chain.
  • Live Review/week.
  • Suggesting users regarding the content issues/improvement.
  • Maintaining overall discipline in the Beyond Knowing.

Important Instructions

  • Every participant must set their "Account Tag" as per the game "Topic Tags", conditionally their current studies must be related to game topic that they are participating.
  • Rewards will be given to the winners after verification(Student Id Proof).
  • Participants can participate only once in a day, if there are multiple attempts then only the first attempt will be considered.
  • Candidates participated in the given time period will be only qualified for the game.
  • Before posting review your questions, options and answer properly.
  • Sookshmas reserves the right to disqualify any participant if found violating the game rules or any inappropriate activity.


  • Play fair
  • Post self made content
  • Comment informative content only
  • Appreciate by clapping only
  • Participate more into discussions
  • Ensure proper post tags
  • Follow others to improve your visibility


  • Don't post inappropriate content or out of stream topics
  • Duplication of content (posts, comments and replies) is strictly not allowed
  • Do not violate the discussion rules.

NOTE: Contact us on [email protected] for any query. For any technical assistance, post it on Community.

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W Weekly
M Monthly
P Prediction

Currently Active Topics/Pools Active Game Topics Who can participate

Civil Services Entrance Exams-Medium-Hindi

Students preparing for IAS, PCS and other similar exams in Hindi


Civil Services Entrance Exams-Medium-English

Students preparing for IAS, PCS and other similar exams in English


Oneday Exams-Medium-Hindi

Students preparing for SSC, Railway, Bank and other similar exams in Hindi


Oneday Exams-Medium-English

Students preparing for SSC, Railway, Bank and other similar exams in English



Students preparing for CTET and other state TET in Hindi


Engineering Entrance Exams

Students preparing for Engineering Entrance Exams


Medical Entrance Exams

Students preparing for Medical Entrance Exams



Students studying Engineering in Computer Science, Information Science, BCA or MCA



Students studying Engineering in Electronics and Communication or Electronics & Instrumentation



Students studying Engineering in Electrical and Electronics



Students studying Engineering in Civil



Students studying Engineering in Mechanical

NOTE: These are live stats and may vary from the final results.

Tags used for quiz play, Play quiz Points, Points by Sookshmas score, Post Points, Comment Points Clap Points Bonus Points

R - Regularity bonus, I - Invitation bonus, M - Mentor bonus, L - Level bonus, Q - Quality bonus