For Engineering Students
  • Beyond Knowing Subscription
  • Daily,Weekly,Monthly cash rewards through BK participation
  • Internships
  • Workshops on in-demand technologies
  • Inter College Coding Contest
  • Placement Training
  • Virtual Drives
  • Placement Assistance
Beyond Knowing Subscription
  • Interactive, playful and enhanced learning environment
  • Daily,Weekly,Monthly cash rewards through BK participation
  • Quality bonus(Immunity points)
  • Enhanced weekly mentors privilege
  • Opportunity to become a monthly mentor
  • Stipend for monthly mentors
  • Trainers support to mentors and participants
  • Sharing your achievements to social media
  • Referral rewards for mentors and best performers


For Institutions or Teachers
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  • Content Security within private network
  • Private tags
  • Content posting permission to followers
  • Access to followers quiz results