Knowing is just not enough!

A social media for learning and education, connecting every student, teacher and institution to make the learning process more interesting and simpler than ever before!

Our Vision

We see social media in our life in almost every domain either in staying connected to friend and relatives, sharing your photos and videos, staying connected to your favourite celebrities and politicians or your overall daily entertainment.

But when we talk about education there is no such platform that serves the complete requirement of education domain. A platform where the students can connect to teachers without any hesitation, where they can discuss on academic topics freely, where teachers can post their notes to make their reach easily to their students in an organised and controlled manner.

  • With the belief that education is the only energy which can transform this world and will take it more exponentially up to the brighter levels.
  • With the belief that there is no end of knowing and it should keep on going.
  • With the belief that our students and teachers must have a dedicated platform to create their network for sharing and discussions in a completely organized way.
  • With the belief that there should be no boundaries in the process of learning and teaching.
  • With the belief that the learning process must also be flown over the trendiest technologies and ways of being on the internet.
  • With the belief that there should not be any potential education gap in students between the different geographical layers of our country.
  • With the belief that the learning process should not have any more "Have to study" factor in the minds of students, instead they should be always feeling motivated, encouraged and positive towards studies.

With these visions and missions for learning & education, Sookshmas came into existence in Apr 2017. A project by "Sookshmas E-Learning Pvt Ltd" company based in Bengaluru.

What makes sookshmas special

Controlled & Organized content flow

Specially developed Sookshmas TAGS, helps you to stay focused on what you are pursuing/preparing or on your any subject of interest.

Open Interaction

Sookshmas provided you an open opportunity to discuss/share your problem/concept/solution/idea with everyone who are concerned to dig it deep as much as possible.

Rewards at every instance

As we understand interest is the most vital force which drives you towards your better focus and hard work and hence to success. And to ensure so, SOOKSHMAS rewards you at every that instance where and whenever you deserve the encouragement.

Check your preparations

With the Sookshmas PLAY QUIZ module, you can check your depth of preparation over any subject/topic.

Ease your daily calculations

Calculation is the most important part of every one's life from academic to competitive exams to professional usage. Sookshmas gives you an opportunity to suggest any such equations/formulae which you may require often.

Stay connected

You can follow your favorite authors to stay connected with them and with all the valuable information they post.