Sookshmas Self-Learning Centre is located in Talwandi, Kota. We are here to provide you the positive and peaceful environment for your self-studies. No matter if you are preparing for some competitive exam or approaching centre to do your self-studies,this is the place for you.

Apart from providing you the peaceful and hygenic place for your studies , we also focus here on your comfort during your long hours of studies by providing the seperate lounge for boys and girls where they can relax, meditate, take a nap, have there meals, do some stress bursting yoga asanas and even workout or stretching. Other than this students can also access Discussion Room to do there group discussions. Altogether Sookshmas focus on providing a positive environment and comfort during your self-studies.


Highly Positive and Peaceful Environment

Separate seating arrangement for girls

Discussion Room

Separate Lounge for boys and girls for relaxation

Free Wi-Fi

Mobile Chargers and Laptop Connectors on every desk

Fully AC

CCTV Monitoring

Hot and Cold Water

Clean and Hygenic Washroom with washroom availability indicator

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