A strong student can only build a strong nation.

"Sookshmas - An all new social media gamified learning ecosystem in which students learn beyond any set of rules and are practically prepared to drive the new Gen India."


Independent students of India, is an all India education campaign by Sookshmas initiated with the vision of making students self capable of achieving there goals by providing them strong self-development ecosystem so they can become independent in learning and skills, making sure they contribute best of there abilities to the country when they step in to the practical world.

Campaign's Mission
Making 1,00,000 Independent students of India by 2023

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Revision and Practice

Do your everyday revision and practice with Sookshmas learning game Beyond Knowing to strengthen your command on your academics along with earning rewards and scholarships.

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Why to participate in Beyond Knowing?

Revision and Practice

Unlock your everyday 360° revision and practice to stay exam ready always.



Sookshmas self-learning methods will take your learning abilities beyond classroom studies.


Skill Development

Implementation is the only difference between Knowing and Skill. This game will let you implement your knowings everyday to grow them into skills.



Discipline is the key quality to achieve any success. BK participation will help you in growing discipline even in the busiest days.



Get the confidence of self-supporting your basic financial requirements with SBK Mentor Student scholarships of upto Rs 5000/mo.


Cash Rewards

Beyond knowing cash rewards are designed to motivate you to achieve small to big goals on your daily, weekly and monthly achievements.

Your Beyond Knowing Journey
  1. Subscribe to Beyond Knowing to begin your journey as a BK Participant.

  2. BK Volunteer is a pre-mentor stage where you will get an opportunity to review one post per day. By doing so you will get eligible for BK Mentor.

  3. BK Weekly Mentor is also a pre-mentor stage where you will get an opportunity to review two posts per day for a week, this stage will also be the beginning of your Scholarship journey.

  4. As a BK Mentor, now you are eligible for the regular scholarships upto Rs 5000/mo for the reviews you do.

  5. Self-Learning Coach is the top level achievement of your BK journey where you will start getting the stipend. This will be provided to the participants who have minimum one year of SBK track and pursuing higher studies or educator or professionals.

Beyond Knowing Activities

Play Quiz

Playing one quiz is everyday testing and revision exercise of 10 to 20 questions of your targetted exam.

Post MCQ

Posting one MCQ(Multiple choice question) is the most unique and intense daily self-learning exercise of Sookshmas and to achieve perfection in this, team Sookshmas will help you all around.



Posting 1 comment/answer on any question or MCQ will help you in revising your known topics and will also support co-learners.

Clap to appreciate

Clapping is a quick way of revision by appreciating your co-learners questions,MCQ's,comments or replies.



This activity will be provided for mentors, weekly mentors and volunteers to analyze Posts/Comments/Replies and to provide them quality points.

Check Points Table

Check points table to track yours and other participants activities score to know ranks live .


Send Redeem Request

After the results announcement, check your wallet and send the redeem request to redeem your rewards.


Wolllaa!! you will have your cash rewards.

Participant's Achievement cards

It helped improve my discipline and consistency to much greater extent.


I daily give 30-35 min to Sookshmas Beyond Knowing game. With daily involvement, it helped improve my accuracy and timings to solve the questions.

Rakesh Vishnoi

The best thing about it is it gives rewards and scholarships along with my studies which really motivates me to do well in studies.

Vasudev Solanki

The activities in Beyond Knowing are the part of our daily revision which improves my studies.

Dhruv Sagathiya

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