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Milliradians NATO

Its for measurement of angle where defined as thousands of radian(I.e. 0.001 rad)
1 NATO mil = 3.375 MOA (exactly).
It's also known as mil/milli(from Latin)

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It is mainly used in the military for long range and high precision shooting purposes, as a very useful approach for aligning rifle scopes, used to accurately zero in on a target via a segmented circle.


The United Kingdom was also trialing them to replace degrees and minutes. They were adopted by France although decigrades also remained in use throughout World War I. Other nations also used decigrades. The United States, which copied many French artillery practices, adopted angular mils, later known as NATO mils.
In the 1950s, NATO adopted metric units of measurement for land and general use. NATO mils, meters, and kilograms became standard, although degrees remained in use for naval and air purposes, reflecting civil practices.

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