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Candela/square centimeter

The stilb (sb) is the CGS unit of luminance for objects that are not self-luminous.The name was coined by the French physicist André Blondel around 1920.

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It is equal to one candela per square centimeter or 104 nits (candelas per square meter).

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Standard Units
Apostilb {{apostilb}}
Blondel {{blondel}}
Candela/square foot {{candelapersquarefoot}}
Candela/square inch {{candelapersquareinch}}
Candela/square meter {{candelapersquaremeter}}
Footlambert {{footlambert}}
Kilocandela/square centimeter {{kilocandelapersquarecentimeter}}
Kilocandela/square foot {{kilocandelapersquarefoot}}
Kilocandela/square inch {{kilocandelapersquareinch}}
Kilocandela/square meter {{kilocandelapersquaremeter}}
Lambert {{lambert}}
Millilambert {{millilambert}}
Nit {{nit}}
Stilb {{stilb}}