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Hertz is a unit of frequency. It is named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz who was the pioneer person to provide conclusive proof of the existence of electromagnetic waves. This unit Is most commonly used while representing sine waves and musical tones. They are also used in radio applications. Another use of this unit is to represent the clock speed in computers. Sometimes it also used as a representation of energy, via the photon energy equation (E=hv), with one hertz equivalent to h joules.

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Standard Units
Cycle/second {{cyclepersecond}}
Degree/hour {{degreeperhour}}
Degree/minute {{degreeperminute}}
Degree/second {{degreepersecond}}
Gigahertz {{gigahertz}}
Kilohertz {{kilohertz}}
Megahertz {{megahertz}}
Millihertz {{millihertz}}
Radian/hour {{radianperhour}}
Radian/minute {{radianperminute}}
Radian/second {{radianpersecond}}
Revolution/hour {{revolutionperhour}}
Revolution/minute {{revolutionperminute}}
Revolution/second {{revolutionpersecond}}
RPM {{rpm}}
Terrahertz {{terrahertz}}