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The unit was extensively used, which has now been replaced by the unit hertz. The term was coined from the fact that sound waves have a frequency measurable in their number of oscillations, or cycles, per second. Perhaps because of the convenient usability it brings ease to both speech and writing, this is still used compared to the other extinct units which were used obsoletely.

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Standard Units
Degree/hour {{degreeperhour}}
Degree/minute {{degreeperminute}}
Degree/second {{degreepersecond}}
Gigahertz {{gigahertz}}
Hertz {{hertz}}
Kilohertz {{kilohertz}}
Megahertz {{megahertz}}
Millihertz {{millihertz}}
Radian/hour {{radianperhour}}
Radian/minute {{radianperminute}}
Radian/second {{radianpersecond}}
Revolution/hour {{revolutionperhour}}
Revolution/minute {{revolutionperminute}}
Revolution/second {{revolutionpersecond}}
RPM {{rpm}}
Terrahertz {{terrahertz}}