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Degrees per second is a unit used to represent frequency. 1 degree per second is represented as 1/360 Hz. Degrees per second is also used as an angular velocity unit. One hertz frequency is equal to turning a full circle (360o) in one second. In comparison to hertz, degrees per second is smaller unit.

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Standard Units
Cycle/second {{cyclepersecond}}
Degree/hour {{degreeperhour}}
Degree/minute {{degreeperminute}}
Gigahertz {{gigahertz}}
Hertz {{hertz}}
Kilohertz {{kilohertz}}
Megahertz {{megahertz}}
Millihertz {{millihertz}}
Radian/hour {{radianperhour}}
Radian/minute {{radianperminute}}
Radian/second {{radianpersecond}}
Revolution/hour {{revolutionperhour}}
Revolution/minute {{revolutionperminute}}
Revolution/second {{revolutionpersecond}}
RPM {{rpm}}
Terrahertz {{terrahertz}}