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Byte is the basic unit of information in computer storage and processing. A byte consists of 8 adjacent binary digits(bits), which consists of 0 or 1. And Byte is a smallest operable units of storage in computer and one byte can store one character or letter e.g. 'A' or 'x' or '$'

  • A single byte can be used to represent 28 or 256 different values. So 8 bits can make 256 different patterns.
  • The byte was originally created to store a single character, so the 256 values was sufficient to represent all uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols in western languages.
  • But some of the languages have more than 256 characters, in those cases modern character encoding standards, such as UTF-16 which uses 2 bytes or 16-bits for each character. With the 2 bytes it is possible to represent 2^16 or 65,536 values.

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